Corn Carpeting Safe for Kids, Pets and Environment!

What Does Carpet Cleaning & Corn have in Common?

It seems like corn is in everything these days.

You can find corn syrup and starch in products ranging from ketchup to salad dressing to laundry detergent. Ethanol (made from corn) is now a big gasoline additive. And now the wizards in the carpet industry have developed technology to turn corn into… wait for it… carpeting!

Corn syrup in soda tastes delicious, but it can make you fat. Corn products on your floor (in carpet), however, may be less “yummy” but more practical.

Consider, for instance, a new line of corn-made carpet developed by DuPont and Mohawk: the Triexta SmartStrand Sorona PTT Fiber Carpet. Resistant to carpet stains, this durable material apparently boasts substantial environmental and consumer benefits. For instance, a typical polyester carpet, made from petroleum products, uses substantially more fuel than does SmartStrand corn derived carpet. The manufacturing process emits much less pollution than does the typical nylon manufacturing process – and two-thirds less greenhouses gases. Initial research suggests that corn carpets may also be hypoallergenic, low static and resistant to bleach.

Corn Carpets for your Mountain View Home?

As with any new carpet technology, it will take some time before craftsmen develop diverse patterns and really push the “design envelope.”

That said, consumer reviews of corn-based carpets have been quite positive. Nylon manufacturers may have serious competition on their hands, especially since corn carpet makers can play the “green card” and woo environmentally aware homeowners. In addition, cleaning carpeting made from corn is substantially easier due to the stain resistant nature inherent in the corns natural fibers.

Mountain View Carpet cleaningMaintaining and cleaning carpet can be overwhelming, especially for those high traffic areas of your house. Let the team here at Elegant Carpets guide you and help you make the smartest, safest, most cost-effective choices. Whether your cleaning carpets made from corn, nylon, or some other material (exotic or common place) we will provide no-nonsense, customized help. Call today for a free carpet, area rug, upholstery or tile & grout cleaning 650-961-1339 or visit us online for an in depth look at what makes us the Premier Bay Area Carpet Cleaning Company




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